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Decorating for the Holidays with Kids

Christmas is nearly a week away and Buzy Beez Child Care Center is fully loaded with handmade holiday decorations. With some simple instructions from Ms. Donna and Ms. Sandy, our kids have filled the Christmas tree, walls, and chalkboards with ornaments, Santas, wreathes, and more. Take a look at what we have accomplished so far!

Christmas Tree Ornaments

All of the children at Buzy Beez Child Care Center participated in making ornaments for our Christmas tree. Among these ornaments are three-dimensional angels that the children colored and added glitter, candy canes with finger print stripes, reindeer, birds, and much more!

Holiday Crafts from Ms. Sandy’s Classroom

Ms. Sandy’s classroom traced their hands and used the cutouts as antlers for Santa’s reindeer. They also painted paper plates green for wreaths and glued on pompoms for decorations. Another project they finished was using an upside-down heart as Santa’s face and gluing on cotton balls for his his beard and the fuzzy brim of his hat.

Holiday Crafts from Ms. Donna’s Classroom

Similarly, Ms. Donna’s class made the same upside-down heart Santa faces. However, since her classroom has older children, they cut out multiples of their traced hands and assembled them together to make wreaths.

Group Holiday Craft Projects

Ms. Donna and Ms. Sandy collaborated on a few projects with both classrooms to complete some projects. Together, they made stockings adorned with cotton balls and countdown-to-Christmas Santa calendars.

Buzy Beez Child Care Center’s First Ever Holiday Concert!

This Friday, December 18, Buzy Beez Child Care Center will be hosting its first ever holiday concert. Actually, it is our first-ever concert regardless of holiday, season, or time of year! We can’t wait to show parents, family, and friends all of the hard work the kids have put into decorating the center and learning the holiday songs. This Friday will definitely be a night to remember!


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