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Thanksgiving, Buzy Beez Style

Last Friday, November 20, we celebrated Thanksgiving early with our kids and their families. For weeks, Ms. Donna’s preschool class and Ms. Sandy’s toddler class had been prepping for the special day by making placemats, pilgrim hats and bonnets, and various craft projects that we displayed on our walls.

When Thanksgiving Day came at Buzy Beez Child Care Center, the kids were all anxious to help set the table for lunch. First, they picked a spot to eat and set out their placemats. Then they set a spot beside them for their family members. They also helped Ms. Donna and Ms. Sandy set out the plates, napkins, and forks. After waiting patiently for further instructions, it was finally time to go outside and play!


We are incredibly grateful to those parents and family members who were able to attend and contribute, but we certainly missed those who were unable to get the time out of work. However, for the latter folk, we made sure to take pictures so that you can see how much fun and great food we had!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For more images from Buzy Beez Child Care Center Thanksgiving Lunch 2015, visit our Facebook page.

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