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Student Jobs in the Classroom

From the ages between toddlerhood and preschooler, children unknowingly discover their independence, self identity, respect for themselves as well as others, sense of responsibility, and so much more. At Buzy Beez Child Care Center, we encourage and nurture their growth. One of the many ways we stimulate their sense of responsibility is through the use of assigned student jobs in the classroom.

Types of Student Jobs

Each Monday, Donna establishes the new jobs first thing in the morning to help with a smoother transition from weekend to weekday. The different student jobs in the classroom include:

  • Line Leader
  • Napkin Helper
  • Calendar Helper
  • Weather Helper
  • Weather Frog Dresser
  • Story Picker

At a childcare center and preschool, it can be difficult coming up with enough jobs for each student each week. However, those who may not have an assigned jobs for the week are asked to help in various ways. For instance, if Billy does not have a jobs for the week, we may ask him if the class should make potato print turkeys or Thanksgiving dinner place mats. Or we may allow Mary to choose her center first during free play. We strive to make each child know they are still special to us if they do not have an assigned student job in the classroom that week.

Importance of Student Jobs in the Classroom

There are so many reasons why it is important to maintain student jobs — probably far too many to list. Below is a list of what we feel are the most important reasons.

  • Student jobs cultivate a sense of community within the classroom.
  • It teaches our students leadership as well as encourages their sense of pride when other students rely on them to complete their job.
  • It promotes social skills and involvement in the classroom, which leads into more involvement at home and outside of Buzy Beez Child Care Center.
  • For some, it helps manage negative behavior, which also creates a more welcoming environment.
  • Student jobs stimulate learning important life skills at a young age, including getting used to a routine as well as change.
  • Most importantly, student jobs can excite our students to return to our center at the beginning of each week as they anticipate what job they will be assigned next.

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