About Buzy Beez

Introducing Owner and Director Donna Miner

Donna Miner is the owner and director at Buzy Beez Child Care Center. She has put her whole heart and soul into building this center and its programs. Below is a bit about Donna so you can get to know her better.

For more than two decades, Donna Miner has been working in the child care industry. With a loving husband and three sons of her own, she worked full-time — sometimes even two or three jobs at a time — while taking classes toward a bachelor degree in early childhood education. Donna has worked in various industries while still maintaining her role in child care. Some of these additional jobs include event coordinating, store management, cooking, and baking. She has owned her own ceramics shop, been a Den Mother in her sons’ cub scouts troops, and has been an active member of 4-H.

In her spare time, which is sparse in itself running a new child care center, Donna enjoys sewing and quilting, painting, hiking, camping, snowmobiling, sledding, horseback riding, watching her two granddaughters practice gymnastics, and doing anything that revolves around spending time with her family. She holds annual craft fairs to display and sell her goods, makes the most delicious filled cupcakes around, and loves to laugh around a warm bonfire and bowl full of soup.

Not only is Donna one of the most trustworthy individuals to care for your children, but she is also a wonderful friend — always the first to go above and beyond to help out anyone in need.


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